Rumor of the day: Forget Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch is actually up for 2 DC movie roles

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

The rumor mill continues to churn around Benedict Cumberbatch, but this time it’s not Marvel leading the charge to bring the Sherlock star into the comic-book movie fold.

BBC NewsBeat caught up with Cumberbatch at a recent awards event and asked him about lingering rumors he’ll play Martian Manhunter in Batman v Superman or an eventual Justice League film. Never one to quell the noise, Cumberbatch teased that he’s going to “let that rumor run” for a while longer.

He was also asked about a different role in Batman v Superman, with the BBC noting speculation that he might sign on to the massive DC spectacle as a yet-unnamed baddie of the “evil” variety. Cumberbatch responded that it was a “fun” rumor, and claimed he’d not heard that one until being asked. Ummhmm.

So, what’s up? At the moment, it’s all just wild speculation. But the fact that the venerable BBC is asking the questions certainly makes it interesting. Cumberbatch was reportedly on Marvel’s short list for Doctor Strange, but since we still haven’t gotten a casting announcement, you’d have to think that might be off the table at this point.

Both potential DC roles could be a good fit. We could definitely imagine Cumberbatch as a spin on Martian Manhunter, while his turn in Into Darkness has shown he has no qualms when it comes to playing a Big Bad (whatever alleged role that may be for DC).

Cumberbatch is one heck of a catch for any genre project, and he’s already popped up in The Hobbit and Star Trek. Heck, it seems like it’s only a matter of time until he shows up in a comic-book role. Maybe he balked at Marvel’s massive contract requirement, and DC offered a more manageable deal? Who knows?

What do you think? Should Cumberbatch choose Team Marvel, Team DC or none of the above?

(Via BBC NewsBeat, Cinema Blend)