Rumor of the day: Green Lantern reboot will feature two or more human Lanterns

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Jun 24, 2015

When the Green Lantern franchise does return to movie theaters, it's possible that it will feature more than one Earthman wielding the ring.

That's according to a story posted by Collider, which doesn't quote any sources directly but suggests that the next Green Lantern movie, which is tentatively due out in 2020 as part of the new DC Cinematic Universe, could include not just the popular Hal Jordan as part of the Green Lantern Corps, but also fellow Lanterns John Stewart or Guy Gardner or both (no love for Kyle Rayner, it seems).

The idea is that the Green Lantern movies -- assuming the reboot is successful enough to spawn sequels -- will not be based around an individual Lantern exclusively but will focus on different ones, making the series more about the Corps than a single superhero. That's an interesting way to go, which could at least distinguish the reboot from the Ryan Reynolds-starring bomb that stunk up screens in 2011.

Collider also speculates that if this is the case, there's a chance we could be introduced to one or more of the actors playing these Lanterns at the big Warner Bros./DC Comic-Con presentation just over two weeks from now, with one of them also showing up at the end of Justice League, Part 1 in 2017. If that's the case -- and frankly, the Comic-Con appearance seems pretty unlikely -- that means casting has already been underway.

Although Chris Pine and Tyrese Gibson have been linked to the roles of Jordan and Stewart, we now know that Pine was actually being pursued to play Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and that Gibson has been merely been doing his own lobbying for the part. Aside from them, who would you like to see in the roles? And does the idea of a Green Lantern movie featuring Jordan, Stewart and possibly even Gardner make your power ring glow?

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