Rumor of the Day: A Guardians of the Galaxy cameo we never saw coming

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Jul 17, 2014, 2:38 PM EDT (Updated)

There's a new cameo rumor making the rounds for Guardians of the Galaxy, and if it's true, longtime Marvel fans might just leap right out of their theater seats.

We already know that the film will feature a customary cameo from Marvel's elder statesman, Stan Lee, and we got even more excited about the film when word started going around that Firefly star Nathan Fillion will also pop up in the flick. Those aren't the only goodies we should expect, though. Director James Gunn has teased "a ton" of Marvel characters scattered throughout the film in "little tiny roles," and since this is a film that stars a talking raccoon and a walking tree, we get the feeling that anything could happen when it comes to easter eggs and background characters. With just a few weeks left until its release, we're all wondering just how weird Guardians of the Galaxy will get.

Well, if this rumor ends up playing out onscreen, it could be weirder than we ever dreamed.


Disney blog (though, to be clear, not Disney-affiliated blog) Stitch Kingdom claims they've obtained the "full, credited cast list" for the flick from Marvel Studios, and according to them, the film's end credits feature a particularly interesting line: a credit to creators Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik that specifically mentions their cult classic Marvel character Howard the Duck. That's right, boys and girls. Nearly three decades after he got his own feature film, Howard could be returning to your movie screen.

Now, it's worth nothing that Stitch Kingdom has declined to actually post the full list they claim to have, and we don't know exactly how they came by it, so it's hard to really gauge the legitimacy here (they also claim that there's "no mention of Thanos" on the list, which seems odd). For the moment, we're taking this with a very big grain of salt. The blog also notes that this doesn't mean Howard will appear in full, live-action form. He could simply appear on a comic-book page that Star-Lord is reading, or on a poster somewhere in the background. He is an alien, though, and while we might be used to seeing him have adventures here on Earth, his introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be a bit more cosmic. That is, if he's in the movie at all.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters Aug. 1.

(Via Stitch Kingdom)