Rumor of the Day: Here's the latest in the Doctor Strange casting race

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Oct 15, 2014

It's been a couple of weeks since Joaquin Phoenix dropped out of talks to play Doctor Strange, which means it's time for a new round of casting rumors.

The very latest comes from Badass Digest's Devin Faraci, who has a source saying that Ewan McGregor has been "prepping" for the role. What that means is that he's doing research into the character, presumably prior to a meeting with the Marvel brain trust.

A second source confirmed that McGregor was on the radar, saying, "They're looking at him." Faraci even helpfully provide a photo of McGregor in makeup from another film he recently worked on, Jane Got a Gun, just to give you an idea of how he could visually fit the role:

Meanwhile, Variety has gone further, naming five actors in addition to McGregor who are said to be on Marvel's wish list for Strange: Jared Leto, Oscar Isaac, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ethan Hawke and Matthew McConaughey.

The Variety story seems to be a mix of old news and pure speculation, though. Leto's name has been kicking around for a while, and he's said to be interested in the part, but we've heard that Oscar Isaac has already turned the Marvel gang down (he's kind of busy with Star Wars anyway). Gyllenhaal and McConaughey seem highly improbable, and Variety gives no indication that either one has even been approached. Hawke, who starred for Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson in Sinister, would take the part in a hot minute -- but that doesn't mean Marvel is calling.

At the same time, Keanu Reeves was recently asked by Collider whether he'd be interested in taking the role -- after all, he worked with Derrickson on The Day the Earth Stood Still -- but Reeves admitted that 1) he was not too familiar with the character and 2) he was somewhat leery about signing the kind of multi-picture contract that Marvel requires of all its stars.

So with Phoenix out, is Star Wars veteran Ewan McGregor the man to play the Sorcerer Supreme? Or someone else on that list?

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