Rumor of the day: Here's the plot for Logan, the new Wolverine film

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Oct 8, 2016, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

We learned the title for the next Wolverine film earlier today, and now we might know some plot details to go with it.

The Wrap has dropped a report claiming to have some plot details from Logan, and we’ll run through the basics here. Of course, take these all with a grain of salt until they’re confirmed: It’s presumably set in 2024, and is described as “darker than any other X-Men or Wolverine movie.” The report goes on to claim Hugh Jackman’s older version of Logan will look rough and drink quite a lot to dull the pain from his weakened healing factor.

In this alt-future, mutant births are apparently “severely in decline” due to a government operation dubbed Transigen (a play on the Terrigen Mists currently plaguing the X-Men in the comic canon?) that is being used to turn young mutants into killing machines. Patrick Stewart’s Professor X has also not aged well, and his powers have become “unstable.” Logan works with the mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant) to take care of him.

As for the child’s hand we see in the poster? The character is described as a young girl with two claws instead of three that Logan mentors. She’s not explicitly named as X-23, but that description certainly fits the bill.

All of these claims seem to fit with the Old Man Logan inspiration, and also mesh with the info released earlier today. Again, don’t trust it until it’s verified, but it certainly seems to match up.

Logan opens March 3, 2017.

(Via The Wrap)

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