Rumor of the Day: Here's what Batman's up to in Dawn of Justice

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:12 PM EST (Updated)

A new report from the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice claims to reveal some of Bruce Wayne's activities in the film, one of which could set up a major superhero moment.

We still don't have very many concrete details about the plot for Batman and Superman's first big-screen meeting, but based on everything we do know, the film seems to have a dual purpose: Pit Batman and Superman against one another, however briefly, and set up Justice League. That's potentially quite a lot to achieve in the space of a single film, and while we still don't know exactly how Zack Snyder and company plan to pull it off, a new rumor has emerged that may reveal some of how Batman and Superman first clash.

Now, this is, so far, just an unconfirmed report, but in case you're super-skittish about plot details this early in the game, we'll go ahead and say there could be SPOILERS AHEAD

Right, moving on then.

Someone claiming to be an extra on the Detroit-based Dawn of Justice shoot recently got in touch with GeekTyrant to spill some of what he gleaned of the flick's plot over several days of filming. What he had to say doesn't give the whole movie away or anything, but if this report is true it could offer some interesting insight into how the film's story will take shape. First, here's what he had to say about where the film begins, and where Bruce Wayne enters the picture.

The film reportedly kicks off "as the battle between Superman and General Zod ends or is ending (which would explain all the damaged buildings and vehicles we've been seeing in photos) and Batman/Bruce Wayne is attempting to make his way to the Wayne tower in Metropolis." 

If that's true, it'll be interesting to see how Man of Steel's final moments -- which featured Superman telling the U.S. military to stop trying to find him, and Clark Kent taking a job at a seemingly back-to-normal Daily Planet -- factor in. Will Bruce Wayne's early appearances somehow interweave with the Man of Steel ending? Will we jump backward and forward in time? Or will the film just ignore the end of Man of Steel altogether? We'll find out. As for what else Wayne is up to, the extra also reported that Batman's got a very particular mission at Lexcorp.

"One of the scenes shot featured Batman breaking into Lexcorp to steal kryptonite, and apparently Lexcorp had somehow gotten a hold of General Zod's body."

First of all, I'm absolutely in for Batman undertaking a covert Lexcorp heist, but given what he's reportedly there to steal, that's probably not the most important part of this picture. If Batman wants Kryptonite, then it's very likely he knows what it does or is about to know what it does, and if he knows what it does, he could be ready to use it on someone. This could be what sets up the Batman/Superman showdown fans are dying to see. The bit about Zod is also intriguing. Procuring a Kryptonian body in order to study its biology and then use that knowledge against other Kryptonians is a very Lex Luthor thing to do, after all. 

We don't yet know how these scenes fit into the full picture, nor do we actually know how accurate these descriptions are. For the moment, we have to add salt, but it all sounds very plausible given the "Batman v Superman" that's right there in the title.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.

(Via GeekTyrant)