Rumor of the day: Here's who could take over Avengers 3-4 from Joss Whedon

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Oct 14, 2014

Badass Digest is reporting that Joe and Anthony Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) are on Marvel’s short list to tackle the next two Avengers films following Age of Ultron. The duo are currently prepping Captain America 3 (which just became a much more high-profile project with the reported addition of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark to the cast list), so it’d be a good way to test the waters before taking on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes outright.

Here’s the choice excerpt from the report:

How closely will Captain America 3 tie in with Avengers 3? I’ve been told that the Russo Brothers are in talks to direct Avengers 3 and possibly 4. Sources tell me that they’re the favorites of Marvel right now and that they are the guys Kevin Feige want to pick up the mantle from Joss Whedon.

This deal is obviously still in the early stages at the moment, but it stands to reason that the Russos would be at the top of a very short list to take over for Whedon. Winter Soldier is one of the best movies in Marvel’s catalog, so they know how to handle the material, plus it sounds like the storylines could be very connected with the reported Civil War arc that (at least in the comics) pits Captain America against Iron Man.

If not them, then perhaps James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy)? But, the Russos already have experience with the characters and Earth-based side of the canon, and are shaping Captain America 3 — which will reportedly weigh heavily on the next Avengers sequel. So, yeah, fairly safe bet this is on the money.

What do you think? Are the Russos up to the task of taking over for Whedon?

(Via Badass Digest)

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