Rumor of the Day: How Star Wars production may deal with Harrison Ford's injury

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Jun 25, 2014, 12:42 PM EDT (Updated)

If you're looking at the new Star Wars movies purely from a fan perspective, chances are you believe that, no matter how long it takes for Harrison Ford's injury to heal, it will be worth the wait to ensure he gets a substantial part in the film.

But fans don't hold the purse strings for expensive film productions. And even if Star Wars was being produced by fans, they'd still have to think about cost first. And waiting around for six months for Harrison Ford to get better is an expensive prospect.

So, naturally, alternatives are being batted around. And the latest rumor is that Ford's role will be minimized while another actor, Oscar Isaac, will see his part increased.

"They are now beefing up Oscar's role to be bigger with Harrison injured," said a source familiar with the project that's currently shooting at London's Pinewood Studios.

We don't know much about who Isaac is playing, but we've heard that his character has a close relationship with Han Solo and already "has an especially large role."

So who is he? Solo's son? Brother? Totally unexpected side piece? And, more importantly, can you live with this solution if it winds up being how Ford's injury is dealt with during production?

(via Comic Book Movie)