Rumor of the day: How Vin Diesel social media'd himself into voicing Groot

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Feb 19, 2014, 6:35 PM EST (Updated)

You remember all that social media hullabaloo about Vin Diesel taking a meeting with Marvel, which eventually led to him joining Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, it might’ve been total b.s.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that the mythical “Marvel meeting” Diesel teased to his social media following was just a joke to see if he could stir things up, and boy did it work. Apparently Marvel never asked for a meeting, and Diesel was just joking around to see if he could whip fans into a frenzy.

Cue an insane frenzy, and Marvel got to thinking it might not be a bad idea to bring Diesel into the fold, which led to an actual meeting. So Diesel’s social media gambit paid off, and he basically got the voiceover role of Groot out of sheer force of will. Because of all that, we’ll now get to hear him rock his one epic line later this year. 

“I am Groot.” Yes, you are, Vin. Yes, you are. Well played.

(Via Bleeding Cool)