Rumor of the Day: How Wonder Woman + Flash fit into Batman vs. Superman

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Nov 14, 2013

We’ve been wondering exactly how the larger DC universe would fit into Batman vs. Superman, and a new report offers up some major hints.

Take this one with a heaping grain of salt, but Comic Book Movie is reporting some scoops about how Wonder Woman, the Flash and classic baddie Lex Luthor will fit into the Man of Steel sequel. Some of it sounds plausible, some does not. Let’s dig in.

On the Wonder Woman front, their tipster indicates a (costume-less) Diana will be introduced, though she will not suit up and kick ass in full-on Wonder Woman mode.This makes some sense, as DC may want to introduce the character now, so they’ll have that out of the way when she pops up with a larger role in Justice League.

Their Lex Luthor details also make some sense. According to the report (which is backed up by recent comments from director Zack Snyder noting that Luthor “loves” to call Superman an alien), the Luthor we meet in Batman vs. Superman will be modeled after the Luthor in Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman comic run, meaning he’ll view Supes as an alien threat he wants to defeat. Considering the worldview shown off in Man of Steel, this sounds like a plausible fit.

Now, as for the Flash? That’s where things get interesting. Per the report, small-screen Flash Grant Gustin (who will be introduced in this season of The CW’s Arrow for a planned spinoff series) is being lined up to play the character on the big screen (assuming the TV series doesn’t bomb). If this is true, it’d be huge. It’d mean the Arrow-verse was being rolled into the established DC film canon, and would give DC a huge leg up on establishing a full-fledged universe (and catch them up with Marvel, which is seeing some success with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). The series has a pretty dark tone, and could mesh well with the Man of Steel world.

On the flip side, this would also take away quite a bit of control from Snyder (namely big-screen casting options for the Flash and Green Arrow), and though Arrow is a rockin’ series — it’s a bit of a stretch to think DC would try to pull the moderately rated series into its unified film ‘verse essentially via retcon. Possible? Sure, but not incredibly likely. 

What do you think of these rumors? Do you hope some (or all) of them turn out to be true?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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