Rumor of the Day: J. J. Abrams has found his mystery Trek villain

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Dec 15, 2012

Has Benicio Del Toro moved from being a wolfman to an intergalactic threat? Director J. J. Abrams may have his eye on the Oscar-winning actor to play the new bad guy in his highly anticipated Star Trek sequel.

Sources close to Star Trek claim that Abrams has met with Del Toro and is interested in offering him the villain role. But supposedly, the actor doesn't know the character's name or how he'll fit into the story. It sounds as if the meeting was on a need-to-know basis.

Who could the villain be? The most wanted baddie mentioned is Khan, played famously by the late Ricardo Montalbán. If that is the case, Del Toro has a tough act to follow. Talk about pressure! At the moment, Del Toro's casting is regarded as a rumor. Neither him or Abrams have confirmed this story.

But if the casting's true, and he's chosen to play the new thorn in Kirk's side, we're all for it! Del Toro is extremely talented and he knows how to bring intensity to a role.

The untitled Star Trek sequel begins shooting early next year.

(via Variety)

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