Rumor of the Day: Jaden Smith confirmed as Static Shock?

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May 26, 2015, 6:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Back in October, we reported that Warner Bros. announced it was developing Static Shock, a live-action digital series from producer Reginald Hudlin (Django Unchained), who would be taking on the triple duties of writing, producing and directing for the upcoming superhero series, meant to be part of an initiative called "Blue Ribbon Content." Back then, the hot rumor was the studio wanted Will Smith’s son, Jaden (After Earth), to play the role of young DC superhero Virgil Hawkins. After that, not a peep.

Fast-forward a few months later.

In a recent interview with Flicks and The City, actor Tyler James Williams (The Walking Dead, Everybody Hates Chris) mentioned the fact that "there aren't a lot of young black superheroes" out there. When he did, two people in the background shouted "Static Shock" and "Spider-Man." Following that, Williams gave an intriguing response — aka he kinda/sorta spilled the beans — saying: "I don't know ... what you're taking about. But yeah, no, it's great to see Static Shock is happening with Jaden." There ya go. Just remember, guys, that this isn’t an official confirmation from either Smith or Warner Bros., so until we know more, consider this a RUMOR (even if it's a cool one). Check out the video below, where Williams gives the incriminating evidence around the 1:05 mark:

In the comics, Static Shock features the character of Virgil Hawkins, aka Static, who possesses some rather cool electricity-based powers. The character was created back in 1993 by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington III and John Paul Leon for Milestone Comics, a short-lived DC Comics imprint that was meant to increase depiction of African-American characters in comic books, as well as feature African-American authors. Back in 2000, the character was also adapted for TV as an animated series that ran for four years on The WB.

What do you guys think? If the rumor is true, are you excited to see Jaden Smith in the role of Static, aka Virgil Hawkins, in the live-action series Static Shock?

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