Rumor of the day: Leaked script reveals full Transformers 4 plot

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Jul 4, 2015, 2:09 PM EDT

We've heard some scattered tidbits about Michael Bay's non-reboot Transformers 4, but now it looks like the floodgates might've just opened. A fan site says it has a draft of the script, and if it's true, this sounds like the most robot-focused Transformers film yet.

The folks over at Unleash the Fanboy claim to have a draft of the script dated 11/30/2012, which is full of some of the craziest 'bot-on-'bot action we've seen to date. From Primus to Vector Prime, it sounds like a lot of Transformers could be showing up this time. Heck, even some Dinobots pop up in the big finale.

Mark Wahlberg is apparently playing a military character, while that teenage girl is his daughter—allegedly playing the eventual semi-cyborg character Josie Beller/Circuit Breaker.

Here's an excerpt of the script recap, hitting the broad strokes:

"The script begins 4 years after DARK OF THE MOON, in the midst of yet another destructive meteor storm. The opening is very much like the other films, with a generic "crisis montage".  All the major news networks are scrambling to cover the event, fearing that another alien attack is on its way.

Cut to a giant metal space ball, hurtling through the atmosphere, landing right beside Stonehenge. It creates a cylindrical portal and launches an unseen entity into another dimension. As you can imagine, this agitates pretty much everyone, and the Autobots assemble to figure out what the hell is going on.

Eventually we discover that this giant ball is actually a space ship, designed by an ancient Autobot known as Vector Prime. He's the guardian of Primus, the one being in the universe that can defeat the planet eating Transformer, and main villain, Unicron. So, Optimus and a handful of Autobots have a grand ol' time hanging out with Vector Prime, trying to locate Primus."

Sounds insane, but that's par for the course when it comes to a Michael Bay Transformers film. Of course, this could be a fake script or just a working draft, so there's no telling if any of this is actually true. Head over to Unleash the Fanboy to read more.

What do you think? Is this the plot of Transformers 4?

(Unleash the Fanboy via Bleeding Cool)