Rumor of the Day: Live action Akira trilogy in the works, Christopher Nolan could direct

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Sep 14, 2015, 5:16 PM EDT

A new report indicates Warner Bros. is eyeing a trilogy based on Akira, and genre legend Christopher Nolan could be on the short list to take the helm.

Den of Geek cites a source “close to Warner Bros.” with knowledge that the studio is planning to turn the cult-hit sci-fi anime into a trilogy of live-action films, and Christopher Nolan has apparently taken a meeting to gather some additional information about potentially taking on the project. This just seems almost too insane and awesome to be true, but hey, pinch your salt accordingly and let’s dig in.

A live-action Akira film has been in and out of development hell for years, with everyone from Leonard DiCaprio, Garrett Hedlund, James Franco and Gary Oldman rumored or attached at different points. Now it sounds like Warner Bros. is getting serious to finally make the adaptation a reality — and if they can sign Nolan on to direct — that would lend it some immediate buzz and credibility with general moviegoers who might not be as familiar with the original anime.

So what’s our take? A trilogy would be an excellent option for the anime, as it would give whichever filmmaker signs on a chance to dig into this world and not blaze through the story beats. As for Nolan, he’s shied away from franchise work for more original fare in the wake of his Dark Knight saga, though this definitely seems like the type of project that could lure him back for a major commitment.

Plus, Warner Bros. has already lined up Nolan's next (mystery) project for a 2017 release date — might it be Akira?


(Via Den of Geek)