Rumor of the Day: Looks like Tron 3 will finally start shooting in the fall

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Mar 11, 2015, 10:03 AM EDT

Awesome news, everyone! Right now, it looks like Tron 3 — the eagerly anticipated sequel to 2010’s Tron: Legacy — is finally gearing up to shoot in the fall. According to Vancity Buzz Entertainment’s Lindsay Barker, sources said filming on the new movie is set to begin on Oct. 5 in Vancouver. The website also claims that Walt Disney Pictures has given the movie the green light. Nothing has been officially confirmed, so we just want to remind you take this all with a tiny grain of salt. Now, onward to the story!

Of the main Tron: Legacy cast members (Garrett Hedlund, Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Olivia Wilde), it would appear that only Hedlund has been confirmed (at this time) to be reprising the role of Sam Flynn, the maverick son of original 1982 Tron character Kevin Flynn, played by "The Dude" himself, actor Jeff Bridges. In Legacy, it was revealed that Flynn had been stuck in the Grid for more than 20 years when his son finally found him. Below is the tweet that apparently started it all:

We think there might be some credence to this story since just a few short weeks ago, Scarface composer Giorgio Moroder revealed he was working on a Tron videogame soundtrack with Skrillex, hinting that there could finally be some movement behind a third Tron flick. Moroder said:

“I'm going to meet Skrillex next week when I'm back. I'm doing the music for a game for Disney's 'Tron'. We have about five themes, electronic stuff and let's see if he's interested in remixing or re-working one of the songs.”

According to Slash Film, another “very well-placed source” confirmed something was ON with Tron, and that Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski was also involved. The fact that last year Bruce Boxleitner himself claimed that a Tron sequel would be happening in 2015 also gives some weight to the possibility that this is truly happening. Even though Legacy only received lukewarm reviews back in 2010, the movie still managed to rake in $400 million with a $170 million budget. It's not a mind-blowing box-office return, but it proved that the fans were definitely eager for more Tron.

What do you think? Do you believe there is any truth to this? And if so, are you excited to return to the Grid?

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