Rumor of the Day: Mad Max: Fury Road prequel focused on Furiosa in the works

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Sep 19, 2016

After the white-knuckle thrill ride that was Fury Road, fans have been clamoring for more Mad Max. If a new report is to be believed, it could be coming even sooner than we thought.

The Herald Sun reports (behind a paywall, natch) that a prequel to George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is already in development, and could actually start shooting by the end of this year at Broken Hill Studios in New South Wales (which was actually supposed to serve as the backdrop for Fury Road, before some unexpected rain made it a bit too green to stand in for a wasteland). 

The report claims the film will be a prequel, and focus on Charlize Theron’s breakout hit character Furiosa ... which fits with previous reports that Miller wanted to do a film based on Furiosa (with hopes to shoot the sequel simultaneously with Fury Road, though that obviously didn’t pan out).

But there are a few red flags, as well. Miller has been pretty vocal that he wants to direct a smaller film before jumping right back into another Mad Max sequel, though he certainly reserves the right to change his mind. There’s also the fact that Fury Road wasn’t exactly a box-office juggernaut, despite a ton of critical success. It made just $378 million worldwide, against a production budget of around $150 million. Not bad, but certainly not a monster hit. So it’d be interesting to see the studio so pumped to immediately dive back into the world of Mad Max.

So, for now, we’d recommend taking this one with a (very hopeful!) grain of salt.


(Via The Herald Sun, /Film)

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