Rumor of the Day: This Marvel character dies in Captain America: Civil War

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Aug 7, 2015

The upcoming Marvel flick Captain America: Civil War will include and introduce a ton of Marvel characters, but it’ll apparently be (at least) one character shy once the screen fades to black.

Potential spoilers ahead for Captain America: Civil War!

Heroic Hollywood reports that Black Panther’s father, T’Chaka, will definitely be killed in the film. No word on who does the deed, or how exactly it happens, but this should play a role in Black Panther’s (Chadwick Boseman) origin story from the film, leading into his own standalone story a few years later ... assuming it's true, of course.

Looking back at the comic canon, T’Chaka is the Chieftan of Wakanda, tasked to protect the sacred metal known as Vibranium (aka the stuff that Captain America’s shield is made from). As far as character traits, T’Chaka honors the Wakandan heritage and is opposed to having ties to other nations. Not surprisingly, the character also dies in comic lore. In the established version of the story, he’s assassinated by Ulysses Klaw after refusing to allow Wakanda to trade Vibranium.

Considering that the version of Wakanda in the MCU seems to also be relatively closed off to trading partners, it stands to reason that the film could follow a storyline similar to the comic arc. Could this be the catalyst to get the Panther out into the world? Regardless, don’t get too attached to T’Chaka.

What’s your take on the rumor? How do you think it’ll fit into the film?

(Via Heroic Hollywood)

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