Rumor of the Day: Marvel's Daredevil has found an action star to play Bullseye

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Jun 5, 2015, 11:50 AM EDT (Updated)

UPDATE: According to Comic Book Resources, as of 11:46 AM, ET, "Marvel Television has debunked the rumor that Jason Statham is in talks to join the cast of Daredevil, telling CBR News there is 'no truth to it at all.'"

Now that we know Marvel's Daredevil series will be returning to Netflix for Season 2, rumors are beginning to swirl about which comic-book favorites might be joining the cast. Season 1 brought us plenty of classic Daredevil characters, including Wilson Fisk, Foggy Nelson, Ben Urich, Karen Page, Claire Temple and Stick, but this is Marvel Studios we're talking about. We expect bigger and better things the second time around, and that of course means new villains. 

Obviously, when you think of Daredevil villains, and you've already thought of The Kingpin, Bullseye comes to mind pretty fast. He's one of the Man Without Fear's most notorious nemeses, and after he was part of that much-maligned Daredevil feature film, fans of the character would certainly love to see him redeemed via Marvel Studios. Bullseye hasn't been confirmed as a Season 2 character just yet, but he has certainly been whispered about, and now a new report claims not just that he's in Season 2, but that Marvel already knows who it wants in the role.

According to Latino Review, action star Jason Statham, hot off his role in Furious 7 and heading into the release of the very-well-reviewed Spy, met with Marvel earlier this week and is "being pursued" to play Bullseye in the series alongside Charlie Cox's Daredevil. Latino Review's report also notes that characters like Elektra, Mr. Fear and even Spider-Man villain Mysterio could also be added for Season 2, though so far only Statham's name has been thrown into the casting hat.

Statham's definitely got lots of experience with action franchises, and he's convincingly played both heroes and villains. Once upon a time, he even said he wanted to play Daredevil, and managed to get a little Frank Miller endorsement. Of course, that's impossible now, but there's a very good chance that he'd fit right into the series if this report ever gets confirmed.

What do you think? Would Statham make a good Bullseye?

(Via Latino Review)

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