Rumor of the day: Is this Marvel's pick to play Doctor Strange?

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Apr 17, 2013, 4:05 PM EDT (Updated)

With Marvel’s Phase 2 deep in development, rumors are already starting to leak out about casting options for Phase 3. So, what do you think of this rumored pick to play Doctor Strange?

CHUD is reporting that actor Justin Theroux (Mulholland Drive, Your Highness) is on Marvel’s early short list to headline the supernatural Phase 3 flick, and seems like an interesting under-the-radar choice.

Theroux doesn’t have a lot of major parts on his resume, though he definitely has the right look to bring Dr. Stephen Strange to life. Marvel has had success with a mix of well-known (Robert Downey Jr.) and up-and-coming (Chris Hemsworth) actors in recent years, so it’s fair to say this rumor could be rooted in truth.

Here’s an excerpt from CHUD’s report:

There’s no word on whether or not he is the only name being looked at for the part of Stephen Strange, but I am told that there is a strong interest over at the House of Lee in seeing Seamus O’Grady become the Sorcerer Supreme.  In fact, if it still holds true, it’s quite possible that Theroux himself is already at work on the script. 

Of course, with Doctor Strange still in early development, things could change on a whim. But Marvel are notorious for planning out their moves years in advance, so it makes sense they’d already be floating options to headline the Cinematic Universe's first foray into the supernatural.

Do you think Theroux is the man for the job?

(Via CHUD)