Rumor of the Day: Michelle MacLaren could go from Wonder Woman to Star Wars

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Jun 15, 2015, 1:22 PM EDT (Updated)

In its quest to revive and expand the presence of Star Wars on the big screen, Lucasfilm (and, of course, Disney) has gone after some very high-profile genre directors, and for the most part, things seem to be working out very well. All the footage we've seen from J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens looks fantastic, what we're hearing about Gareth Edwards' Rogue One is very exciting, and though we know very little about what Rian Johnson has planned for Episode VIII, we can't help but be excited that he's involved. Then there's the matter of Josh Trank. 

The Chronicle director was supposed to follow up this summer's Fantastic Four with work on the second Star Wars: Anthology spinoff movie (the first being Rogue One), but after enduring so much scrutiny as he went through the process of making and promoting his first comic-book adaptation, Trank wanted to pull back from the spotlight and go back to something original (according to the official explanation, anyway). So he dropped out of his Star Wars work, leaving the second Anthology film without a director. Now we know Lucasfilm isn't going to leave that seat vacant for long, but who could they end up filling it with?

During last Friday's episode of "Meet the Movie Press," The Wrap's Jeff Sneider reported this about the second Anthology flick:

“I found out a director who took a meeting on it. Very interesting name. Are you ready? Michelle MacLaren.”

That is a very interesting name. MacLaren's spent the last few years cementing her place as one of the best TV directors out there through work on Breaking BadThe Walking DeadGame of Thrones and more, and many fans are anxious to see her big-screen debut. Fans rejoiced when MacLaren was named the director of Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman flick, but then in April she left the project over "creative differences" with the studio, and we've been waiting ever since for another studio to see her potential and put an offer on the table. Now it looks like Lucasfilm is interested.

It's important to keep in mind right now that the only thing that's been reported is a meeting. No contract, no negotiations for a contract, just a meeting. MacLaren could very well end up working on Star Wars, but for the moment we have to keep our optimism very cautious indeed.

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