Rumor of the Day: The Oscar-winning star who could direct Captain Marvel

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Apr 16, 2015, 1:46 PM EDT (Updated)

For many fans, Captain Marvel is the most anticipated movie on the Marvel Studios release schedule right now. It stars a fan-favorite character who's enjoyed a kind of renaissance over the last few years, and it's the first film from the studio to star a female hero, something many fans have been asking for since even before The Avengers. The story of Carol Danvers is an important one for Marvel, and though the film won't be released until 2018, picking the right creative forces to shepherd the project is already a priority.

Earlier this week, we heard that Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Meg LeFauve (Inside Out) are in negotiations to write the film, and now we're hearing that a big name is in consideration to direct it. According to Collider, sources say Angelina Jolie could get the gig.

Jolie, of course, is best known for her acting, which earned her an Oscar in 2000 for Girl, Interrupted and has made her one of the biggest and most recognizable movie stars in the world. She's a rising force as a director, though, thanks to the 2011 drama In the Land of Blood and Honey and the 2014 drama Unbroken, which featured plenty of big historical set pieces and effects shots. Her third feature film, By the Sea, is set for a release sometime this year, and she's set to follow it up with Africa. According to Collider's report, though, that film may be delayed or shelved by financing issues, leaving her with a schedule open for something like Captain Marvel

Jolie's done plenty of genre projects throughout her career (including the box-office hit Maleficent at Marvel's parent company Disney), and she's drawn to stories of strong women, so Captain Marvel could be a great project for her. As Collider's report notes, though, she would have to fit into the particular creative mold of Marvel Studios, a mold that's already led to the high-profile departure of Edgar Wright. It's not clear how soon Marvel needs to make a decision on a Captain Marvel director, but bringing Jolie on board could definitely bring more attention to a film the studio really needs to nail.

What do you think? Would Jolie be a good choice for Captain Marvel?

(Via Collider)

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