Rumor of the Day: Pacific Rim sequel delayed for unknown reasons

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Sep 12, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

We’ve been counting down the days until Guillermo del Toro’s monster-fighting sequel to Pacific Rim arrives in 2017, but now it sounds like a delay could push that release date.

It’s currently unconfirmed, but Latino Review is reporting production on the sequel (tentatively titled Maelstrom) could be delayed until next year. The film was apparently set to start filming in Toronto in November, though the report claims that start date has been pushed to an unspecified point in 2016. If it’s a short delay, del Toro could certainly hit his Aug. 4, 2017, target opening date. A long one? Well, then things could get dicey.

Sadly, the report doesn't offer up any details as to why production is (apparently) delayed. It could be anything from innocuous stuff like additional scripting or effects development work, or bigger problems like second thoughts from Legendary Pictures about actually pumping in the cash to move forward. Admittedly, the film did have a soft U.S. box-office haul, but the global numbers put it over $411 million — which was just enough to get the studio on board for a followup.

Del Toro has some ambitious plans for the Pacific Rim franchise, ranging from an animated series to the full-on live-action sequel. Here’s hoping the (alleged) delay is something related to developing that ambitious rollout, and not a lack of faith in the brand.


(Via Latino Review)