Rumor of the Day: Plot details revealed for big screen Power Rangers reboot

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Jun 30, 2015

Though we really wish we could get a feature treatment of that ultra-dark Power Rangers fan film produced by Adi Shankar, we’re gonna have to settle for a more traditional take on the Mighty Morphin’ heroes. Well, here’s what the story will (apparently) be about.

Potential spoilers ahead for the big-screen Power Rangers film!

A new report at Heroic Hollywood claims to know some details on the film’s plot, and it seems director Dean Isrealite’s (Project Almanac) reboot will be meshing together the original plot with some deeper mythology for a fresh origin story. Take it with a grain of salt (because, who knows, maybe this was an older script), but here’s the gist of the pitch.

The film supposedly opens in the Cretaceous Period, where Zordon (the Power Rangers’ future mentor) is battling original series baddie Rita Repulsa with his own team. Zordon uses a black hole to suck her in, and things go relatively well for the next 65 million years. Until he realizes Rita is still alive, and the black hole has torn the fabric of space and time. Oops. 

In parallel to that arc, we meet the modern-day would-be Rangers, who seem to be based on the original team from the first series. The group will be comprised of 16-year-olds, and the kids run across the Power Ranger power coins while exploring some dinosaur fossils one of them spotted on Google Earth (no, we’re not kidding). Turns out the power coins have “bonded” with indigenous life forms on Earth (i.e. dinosaurs), which explains the Zords (I guess?).

With Rita back in play, Zordon recruits the new team of heroes to take on the impending threat. Cue: action, zaniness, morphin’.

If you’re interested in the project, the full report has additional details about the character intros and setup. It sounds like we’re looking at a hard PG, soft PG-13 take, probably. Which, hey, this is based on a kids’ series. But man, give me Katee Sackhoff as Kimberly or give me nothing at all.

(Via Heroic Hollywood)

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