Rumor of the day: Scoot McNairy's Batman v Superman role is not what we thought

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:12 PM EST (Updated)

There’ve been rumblings Scoot McNairy could be playing a major DC hero in Batman v Superman, but it sounds like he might actually be taking on another iconic character.

Some leaked set pics showing McNairy with green screen socks got some fans speculating he might be playing Barry Allen/The Flash, and the socks were necessary to insert super-speed feet. The ideas makes some sense, though it always seemed a bit odd that they’d only be (seemingly) adding effects to his feet.

Now the folks at The Devils Eyes have a new theory — instead of the Flash, they’ve reportedly spoken to extra on set who claim he’s playing Jimmy Olsen. But where are the bottom of his legs, you ask? According to the report, this version of Olsen lost part of his legs after having them pinned under rubble during the Metropolis battle in Man of Steel, so he’ll be wearing prosthetics.

Here’s the choice excerpt from their source:

“Scoot is playing Jimmy Olsen, but with a bit of a twist. Jimmy was injured during the battle of Zod vs Superman. His legs where pinned under falling building rubble and that caused him to lose the legs. He now walks with the use of two prosthetic legs He doesn't blame Superman for it [his loss of legs]. He feels grateful that Superman saved the world.”

If this is true, it would make some sense. McNairy is a great character actor, and he's one of the few guys you could really buy as both the Flash and Jimmy Olsen. This arc would also be a good way to tie a new character to the events of Man of Steel, and Jimmy Olsen is a major character in the Superman canon, so it’d be no surprise to have him pop up in this sequel.

What do you think? Who the heck is McNairy playing? 

(Via The Devils Eyes)