Rumor of the day: So THIS is who The Rock might be playing for DC

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Jul 2, 2015, 2:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson set the rumor mill on fire recently with confirmation that he’ll have a major role in an upcoming DC project at some point in 2014. So is this who he’ll be playing?

Some unconfirmed buzz has started circulating around Hollywood that the Rock’s mystery role could be John Stewart, aka the Green Lantern who took over for Hal Jordan, and he would fill the Lantern role in Batman vs. Superman (or the Justice League followup).

The rumor comes from ThinkMcflyThink owner Peter Georgiou, who dropped the tidbit on Twitter:

With everyone buzzing about that long-rumored Lobo role, or a surprise turn as Lex Luthor, this one really does make the most sense. It’d be a stretch for DC to try and tie a little-known character like Lobo into the film ‘verse, and the Rock just doesn’t seem like a good fit for Luthor.

But Stewart? That could work, and also provides a smooth transition to gloss over Ryan Reynolds’ 2011 Green Lantern debacle. Hey, no need to touch on that mess of a film if you write Hal out off-screen and jump right into Stewart's tenure.

The Rock himself even added a bit of fuel to the fire several months ago, by responding to a fan who said he’d be a good fit for Stewart. The actor’s response?

If not Stewart, we have another idea (that’s complete conjecture): Cyborg. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill himself has said that Cyborg would be a good fit to introduce in a sequel, and the Rock could definitely pull that off. 

What do you think the Rock is cooking? I mean, who do you think the Rock is playing?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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