Rumor of the day: Sony to resurrect Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy for more Spider-Man?

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Nov 3, 2014

Ever since the big-budget sequel Amazing Spider-Man 2 underwhelmed at the box office (not to mention with fans and critics), Sony has been scrambling to figure out what they’ll do next with the franchise. Well, turns out they’re considering a very … unique direction.

Christian Today is reporting that the studio might potentially bring back Emma Stone’s fan-fave version of Gwen Stacy for a future sequel — which, as anyone who has seen part two can attest, would be a very weird move. Since, you know, she died a very dramatic death in a storyline that is an integral part of the comic canon.

As Cinema Blend notes, Stone had previously mentioned a not-so-beloved comic storyline involving clones (at the time it seemed half-joking) that could potentially bring her back in a future film. So what’s the deal? Rumors abound that Sony is considering just about anything to help breathe some life into what should be one of the most lucrative comic franchises under the sun.

The chemistry between Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker and Stone’s Stacy was one of the few things that actually rocked about the first film and the sequel. With the franchise in crisis, it stands to reason they’d want to double down on that aspect of the series (as we’ve previously recommended), since it’s one of the few things that actually worked.

Obviously, only the suits at Sony know how much of this stuff is rumor or fact. But it seems they’re grasping at just about any straw they can at this point. Stone is a hot commodity, and this is a comic-book movie, after all — no one stays dead forever.

What do you think? Would you like to see Gwen Stacy (or a version of her, at least) back in action?

(Via Cinema Blend, Christian Today)

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