Rumor of the day: Supergirl to crossover with Flash, Constantine could join Legends

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Dec 2, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

The small-screen DC universe is getting deeper by the minute, and it sounds like Warner Bros. is cooking up a few more cross-network connections to make it one big, happy world.

First up: Bleeding Cool reports the shared creative minds behind The Flash and Supergirl (namely Marc Guggenheim) are working up a crossover between the two shows, which would look to tie The CW’s successful scarlet speedster to CBS’s somewhat struggling Kryptonian. Supergirl debuted to some big numbers but has dipped to around 50 percent of the premiere in the five weeks since its premiere. For a show this expensive (especially one on CBS, which typically pulls major ratings), that’s not good.

The report claims the studio wants the crossover to be a part of the deal to determine whether the show garners a back-nine episode order. The rumored storyline would apparently mirror the Supergirl comic plot that saw Kryptonian survivors come to Earth after being freed from Brainiac’s control. That’s an ambitious arc, especially for a show just a few episodes into its first season, so we’d imagine it’ll likely be scaled down (and tweaked) significantly. Plus, they’d have to find a reason for the Flash to play a role in however they adapt it.

This could make some sense, as it would be an obvious way to generate a mountain of buzz and attract The CW’s younger audience to the typically older-skewing CBS show. You’d have to think there are some Flash fans who maybe haven’t taken a chance on Kara’s corner of the world. Our only concern would be that all these crossovers might start detracting from what makes The Flash so successful in the first place — its own compelling arcs and stories. But, hey, we’d still love to see those two share the screen.

The same report also claims to have a bit of intel on a potential second season of The CW’s team-up series Legends of Tomorrow, which could feature Matt Ryan’s Constantine as a major player. Constantine was first introduced with his own series at NBC (which was canceled) and most recently resurfaced in The CW’s Arrow. An update on the story notes the Constantine tidbit could be a “bucket list” option, as Legends is shaping up to be insanely expensive and might not score a renewal in any obvious connection to its current form. Still something to keep an eye on, though.

What’s your take on all these small-screen DC hero rumors?

(Via Bleeding Cool)