Rumor of the day: Supergirl to officially join Arrow-verse as part of Flashpoint

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Aug 8, 2016

Despite the fact that a crossover already occurred last season, The CW’s new addition Supergirl is set in a different universe than the network’s other DC fare Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. But rumor has it that’ll all be changing soon.

Bleeding Cool reports The Flash’s upcoming Flashpoint storyline — spun out of the closing moments of Season 2, when Barry went back in time to save his mother — will also serve to bring the Supergirl universe into the same reality as the rest of the DC shows. They're already messing with reality, so why not? If true, those future crossovers should be a whole lot easier to pull off, without having to pluck Supergirl from an alternate world.

Specifically, the report claims Supergirl “will now be a part of the main DC TV universe.” But they won’t completely hand wave that massive change into existence, as Barry Allen will remember they were once separate universes (Speed Force FTW). So we’d imagine that will be addressed in some form of fashion along the way (if true).

So, what are the odds this is actually going to happen? It make sense they’d want to merge these worlds, since they’re all under the same network umbrella now. Tonally, they’re already a great fit, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Flashpoint also happens to be about the easiest way to pull it off, so there won’t be a better opportunity to toss these realities together than now.

It also means they can go even bigger and crazier with the world-building and crossovers, which are always ratings juggernauts. Oh, it also means Superman could be an actual part of the Arrow-verse. Yeah, just let that sink in.

Yeah, this fall is going to be interesting. 


(Via Bleeding Cool)

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