Rumor of the Day: Superhero roster for TNT's new Teen Titans series revealed

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Aside from confirmation that TNT has a live-action series in development based on DC’s Teen Titans, news has been sparse in regard to the anticipated new superhero project. But, thanks to an alleged casting leak, all that’s about to change.

The folks at Nerdist are reporting some details from a casting call that apparently reveals which DC characters will be featured in The Titans. Not surprisingly, the ensemble is led by Dick Grayson, aka Robin/Nightwing. The show apparently picks up with Dick leaving Batman’s shadow to strike out on his own as a detective in Boston, which throws some nods to Chuck Dixon’s solid Nightwing solo comic from the 1990s.

Along with Grayson, this adaptation of the Teen Titans is throwing in a nice twist to give the show even more of a Gotham connection — Barbara Gordon, aka the former Batgirl. The series will pick up with Barbara after she has been injured and is using a wheelchair (a milestone in the comics that led her to becoming Oracle), and we could get some nods to the classic romantic history between Nightwing and Batgirl from the comics.

Next up: Hawk and Dove, a DC duo that has long been associated with the Teen Titans in comic form. This will apparently be the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths version, with Hank Hall and Dawn Granger in the roles. The two will apparently be romantically involved, which fits with the comic canon. These characters will apparently see the biggest departure from their comic-book look.

Last but not least: Raven and Starfire, who both are apparently introduced late in the pilot script. In the comics Raven actually helps found the Teen Titans to battle her father, and here she’ll have teleportation powers as well as empathic abilities. No word on exactly how they’ll translate Starfire to the big screen, though it sounds like she will make up the final corner of a Dick-Barbara love triangle.

... and that’s it. No word on any other characters (Cyborg is notably missing), though, honestly, that seems like a big enough cast to launch and carry a series like this. Six characters are a lot to juggle without throwing in more DC easter eggs. Of course, if the rumor rings true that Titans is set in the same universe as The CW’s Arrow and Flash, that universe could get a whole lot bigger very quickly.

A lot could still change from script to screen, but it sounds like most of these players are a lock. What do you think of the alleged lineup?

(Via Nerdist)