Rumor of the Day: Twilight TV/movie spinoff in the works

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Jul 4, 2015, 1:48 PM EDT

With the final installment of the ultra-lucrative Twilight franchise opening later this year, it seems the studio is already looking at options to keep the brand alive long past Breaking Dawn 2. The latest report? A potential TV series or movie spinoff, set in the Twi-verse, but not featuring any of the current main characters.

The report comes via Moviehole, which allegedly heard from an inside source that Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment is looking at every option to keep the franchise viable.

Here's what the anonymous tipster had to say:

"They're already onto the [Breaking Dawn] follow-up ... [a] TV show or film spinoff, merely set in the same world as the one in the movies but not featuring the main trio, is being seriously considered, [with] The Wolf Pack [as] one area of interest."
If this turns out to be true, it wouldn't be much of a surprise. Twilight has done gangbusters and is a name everyone knows (for better or worse). Shows like The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf have shown the premise can work on the small screen, and a potential film spinoff in the same universe would likely attract at least a good portion of the fan base.

But the only question mark is what involvement they'd be able to get from series author Stephenie Meyer. Rumors have already made the rounds that the original films might be rebooted, and Summit Entertainment would definitely love to stay in the Twilight business. But who knows?

With Breaking Dawn 2 hitting theaters Nov. 16, you'd have to think the studio is trying to move quickly behind the scenes to capitalize on the buzz of the release this year.

What do you think? What type of spinoff would you like to see?

(Digital Spy via Moviehole)

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