Rumor of the Day: Uh-oh! Does the BBC want Moffat to leave Who?

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May 17, 2013

In Moff we trust? Maybe not. 

If you've had your ear to the ground, you've no doubt heard that fans haven't been thrilled with the seventh and latest season of Doctor Who. Add to the frustrated tweets and tumbles the fact that viewing figures have been consistently dropping week by week (with overnights not even breaking 5 million the last three episodes) and it's hard to deny that there's a problem.

And now there's word from a BBC insider that the blame is falling on Moffat himself.

The 50th anniversary episode seems a good opportunity for him [Moffat] to bow out. Either way, something dramatic needs to take place to improve ratings.

What have you thought of season seven so far? Has it taken as much of a creative nosedive as some people are saying, or is it just underrated? And if Moffat does split -- who should take over?

(via The Daily Mail)

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