Rumor of the Day: Warner Bros. may produce an animated version of Watchmen

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Apr 13, 2017, 5:33 PM EDT

It’s hard for me to write about rumors, because, ya know, they’re not facts. But here’s one that I need to write about, because I want this to be true.

According to Film Buff Online, there may be an animated film about Watchmen.

Writer Rich Drees offers one tasty bit of evidence: an online marketing survey that reads “Below is a brief description of an upcoming made-for-video movie, Watchmen.”

There have been no official announcements, so we have to take this with a grain of salt (or a swath of bean juice). But the report also has one other fact to back this claim. Warner Bros. had another marketing survey in 2014, over a potential title for the film Edge of Tomorrow. “The alternate title being tested – Live. Die. Repeat. – wound up being featured prominently as a tag line in the film’s home video release,” wrote Drees.

Warner Bros. has been releasing direct-to-video animated original movies based on their popular graphic novels since 2007. These films have mostly been PG-13, with the exception of R-rated The Killing Joke and Justice League Dark. Considering the themes in Watchmen, which include rape and murder, fans can likely anticipate a sold R rating.

This online marketing survey included other titles, such as Batman’s "A Death in the Family" story arc, and—brace yourselves—Vertigo titles such as Hellblazer, Lucifer, Preacher, and Sandman. All I need is to watch them all right now, and my life will be complete.

Here’s hoping this rumor becomes reality.

(Via FilmBuffOnline)