Rumor of the Day: Warner Bros. is working on how many Wonder Woman scripts?

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:18 PM EDT (Updated)

A Wonder Woman movie happening is not exactly what anyone would describe as small potatoes. The Themysciran princess has been due for her own outing for a really, really, REALLY long time. And a successful female-led comic-book movie is even more overdue. Supergirl, Tank Girl, Catwoman and Elektra all tanked, so the stakes are high.

And DC knows how important it is they get Wonder Woman right, which is (we hope) part of why they've balked so long on getting her movie in to production.

This latest rumor belies how serious DC is taking Diana's first solo flick. According to producer/screenwriter, Arash Amel, Warner Bros is working on not one, but SIX different scripts by six different writers simultaneously. Amel is not enthused.

Yes, on the one hand it's good to see DC wanting to make sure they put together a film that ticks off all the boxes, but, simultaneously, there's a huge risk in turning scriptwriting into something more like an assembly line than a creative endeavor. There's also the danger of micro-managing the story into a list of things people in suits think moviegoers want to see as opposed to allowing for a coherent story that befits Princess Diana.

We buy that there are multiple balls in the air, but we put it to you -- is this a good idea, or will too many cooks spoil the Themysciran broth?

(via Comic Book Movie)