Rumor of the Day: Watchman star met with WB for Batman vs. Superman?

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:10 PM EST (Updated)

Director Zack Snyder may be adding another piece to the Batman vs. Superman puzzle. Since the film was pushed back a year, Snyder can make changes or additional castings. That's why this latest rumor caught our eye. A source close to the production tells ComicBookMovie that Matthew Goode recently met with Warner Bros. to discuss a part in the film.

If you remember, Goode was one of the actors shortlisted to play both Batman and Superman. He was in the running for Supes, but Henry Cavill snagged the part. Then his name resurfaced during the hunt for the new Batman, which went to Ben Affleck. Now he's being mentioned again, but this time for an undisclosed role.

Goode has two things working for him. Obviously, the studio likes him because he keeps being considered for high-profile films. Secondly, Goode previously worked with Snyder in 2009's Watchmen. The British actor played Ozymandias in the big-screen adaptation. The question is, who could be play opposite Batman and Superman?

Goode could easily slip into a villain role, as he's done it before. We assume they wouldn't squeeze in another hero, as the film's already being called Justice League light. If he is a Big Bad, could it be that he's joining the likes of Bryan Cranston and Joaquin Phoenix on the Lex Luthor casting carousel? 

Who do you think Goode could play?

Batman vs. Superman opens in theaters May 6, 2016.

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