Rumor of the Day: Which Superman villain will be in Man of Steel after all?

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Mar 29, 2013, 10:45 AM EDT (Updated)

We may have just gotten a peek behind the cape. There are not enough spoiler warnings enough for this one, folks. Read at your own risk. 

Not much is known about the plot of Man of Steel. The creative team have been more than tight-lipped, and the trailer gives next to nothing away. But not long ago we started hearing word that, in addition to Zod, there might be another villain appearing in this film -- Lex Luthor. Now the rumors have gotten louder as details begin to emerge.

An industry insider going under the moniker Indiana Smith has claimed not only that Luthor will be in the film, but that his role will be "substantial." And we won't be dealing with the goofy, Gene Hackman version of Lex, either. The film will see the cold, calculated villain that is far more in keeping with the Lex we've more or less always known in the comics. 

Not only is Lex rumored to be in the film, but it's also been said that he'll be played by Mackenzie Gray, who is notable for having played a clone version of Luthor on The WB's show Smallville. While that would normally leave us highly suspicious as to the accuracy of the rumor, a video has also been discovered where Gray admits that he is in Man of Steel but states rather emphatically that cannot say who he will be playing.

We confess -- that is pretty suspicious. But what do you think? Do you buy the rumors? Will Luthor be a substantial presence in the latest Superman movie? And, more importantly, is that what you want?

(vis Ain't it Cool News)

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