Rumor of the Day: Who is Katherine Waterston playing in Alien: Covenant?

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Jun 10, 2016, 4:35 PM EDT

A new rumor has surfaced suggesting that Katherine Waterston's character in Alien: Covenant may have some serious ties to franchise canon.

We first got a look at Waterston in the movie late last month, when 20th Century Fox released a photo (see above) of her from the set of Ridley Scott's film. Waterston's character is named Daniels, but aside from that we were told next to nothing about the role.

Until now. The Playlist broke the news about who Daniels really might be in one section of a larger post on Waterston, but the spoiler paragraph was later removed at the request of the studio. Luckily, io9 grabbed it before it was gone, and here's what it said:

(potential major spoilers ahead -- highlight to read)

Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler Sources close to film and actress tell us the Waterston will be playing Ellen Ripley’s mother in Alien: Covenant, which is an amazing twist and true to Ridley Scott’s promise that the post-Prometheus prequels will eventually lead right up to the first Alien movie. It should be noted however that Waterston isn’t the lead of the movie, and it’s an ensemble piece like Prometheus.

We have to treat this as a rumor for now, but the fact that Fox asked The Playlist to take it down is very telling (we'll see if they ask us to do the same). But what do you think of that if it's true?

Waterston will be joined by Michael Fassbender, Danny McBride, Billy Crudup, Demian Bichir, Amy Seimetz, Carmen Ejogo and others in Alien: Covenant, which is set to open on Aug. 4, 2017.