Rumor of the Day: Why Aaron Paul could be playing young Han Solo

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Jul 11, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Now that we know there will be a Han Solo standalone origin movie, the first unanswered question is, who will play the man with the fastest blaster in Mos Eisley’s cantina? We would weigh the pros and cons of several likely actors—but if this rumor is to be believed, the galaxy’s most iffy smuggler has already been chosen: Aaron Paul.

According to Radio Times, the clue is in Star Wars’ Twitter account:

You see, the Star Wars account only follows about 365 people – and almost all of them have actually appeared in or voiced characters in Star Wars productions. It basically only follows people who are directly involved with the franchise.

See, not a whole lot of follows here:

Star Wars
Twitter: Star Wars

In other words, if past performance guarantees future results, Star Wars is following Paul because they have a very specific interest in him. 

Radio Times also writes, “…Paul had previously reportedly been shortlisted for a lead role in another Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One, but perhaps like Ben Hardy (who was shortlisted for Cyclops in X-Men Apocalypse and ultimately cast as Angel) the producers then lined him up for a different role.”

Most of us know Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, the meth dealer who slowly redeems himself over Breaking Bad’s five seasons (although, amusingly, some of us know him as the loser by $132 on The Price Is Right). Jesse started out as a drug-dealing scumbag. Eventually, his raw guilt peeled away his arrogance. Paul is more than talented enough to handle the role of a cocky space pilot, and then some.

Even though there isn’t a strong physical resemblance between Paul and Han’s older self, Harrison Ford, hiring Paul would be an excellent choice. 

Further unanswered questions about the upcoming Han Solo movie include, will we see Han win the Millennium Falcon off of Lando? And is he, gulp, married

We’re looking forward to seeing whether Paul is cast as much as you are--maybe even more.

(Via Radio Times)

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