Rumor of the day: Will Hawkeye be making a cameo in Thor?

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Jun 25, 2015

Remember how Nick Fury made a surprise appearance at the end of Iron Man, and Thor's hammer turned up after the credits of Iron Man 2? Well, looks like Thor himself will have a surprise visitor in his movie, too.

According to The Wrap, Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye—as played by Jeremy Renner—will make a cameo in Thor, which arrives in theaters next May 6. Renner himself hinted at this possibility back in November 2009 in an interview with Empire Online, although he later denied it was happening.

Of course, Renner also once denied he was playing Hawkeye at all, so clearly the heavies at Marvel Studios told him to keep his lips zipped. However, a source who has seen an early cut of Thor told The Wrap that Hawkeye does indeed show up in the film, although the source would not say where or what the context of his appearance was.

Marvel naturally won't confirm any of this, so for now we'll treat it as a rumor—although it probably has a better chance of being true that the "Demi Lovato is in The Avengers" story that showed up earlier this week.

Hawkeye will also star in Marvel's superhero team-up epic The Avengers, which opens in 2012, and Marvel will no doubt continue to plant these little easter eggs in each film leading to its arrival. We also have Captain America: The First Avenger to contend with next July—who or what will make a surprise appearance in THAT?

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