Rumor of the day: The X-Files may revisit one of its creepiest episodes ever

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Jun 4, 2015, 6:20 PM EDT

1990s phenomenon The X-Files was known for its complicated mythology (as well as the hotness of David Duchovny), but many of its best installments were monster-of-the-week episodes. Now, with a relaunch of the series in the offing, it seems as if one particular monster(s) of the week will be appearing in the 21st century: the Peacocks, who appeared in the episode "Home," and who were arguably the most horrific creeps in the entire series. That's saying a lot. According to TV Line, Episode 2 of the upcoming X-Files six-parter will be entitled “Home Again.”

Fourth-season episode “Home” introduced us to a family that had been inbreeding since the Civil War, with all of the genetic deformities that can bring. The episode starts with three brothers burying their deformed infant sibling alive. And then it gets really icky.

The title "Home Again" may sound innocuous enough, but TV Line furthers the theory that the Peacocks will make another appearance: "What’s more, the writer-director of the episode is Glen Morgan, who just so happened to pen the the original 'Home' with fellow X scribe James Wong."

At the end of “Home,” two of the Peacocks were dead, but two survived: the eldest son and his paraplegic mother. The episode implied that the two, um, started a new family. That was 20 years ago, which means that if there is a new Peacock, he/she would be the perfect age to start causing genetically related mischief. 

"Home" came with the X-Files' one and only "Mature Audiences" warning, and the first of two "viewer discretion" warnings (the other was applied to eighth-season episode "Via Negativa"). "Home" was considered so shocking that home network Fox has never re-run the episode.

X-Philes will be happy to note that it looks as if the new series will be bringing the horror

(Via TVLine)