Rumor of the Day: Is Zac Efron up for a role in a Marvel movie?

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May 15, 2014, 1:59 PM EDT (Updated)

What is it with everyone and Zac Efron? The actor always finds himself at the center of casting hype. We're talking about epic films that are part of huge franchises. Remember when he was rumored for a role in the latest Star Wars? Now his name is being mentioned as a possibility for Marvel.

According to Latino Review, Efron "is being looked at for unspecified role in an upcoming Marvel Studios project." He was recently given a script to look over, but no one knows what it's for. Both Disney and Efron's manager refused to comment on the story. Can you blame them? If this is true, they probably want to keep a lid on it.

The only new character we know Marvel's definitely prepping is Doctor Strange. He was recently name-checked in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also, In the post-credits scene for Thor: The Dark World, some believe Adam Warlock's cocoon made a brief appearance. That could signal his impending debut.

Either way, we wouldn't expect any confirmation from Marvel until July. The studio saves their major announcements for the annual gathering at San Diego Comic-Con.

(via Latino Review)