Rumor of the Day: Anthony Hopkins to star in Abrams' Westworld HBO series

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Jul 22, 2014, 9:43 AM EDT

We heard a while back that J.J. Abrams was cooking up a small-screen reboot of Westworld at HBO, and it sounds like he’s aiming for the stars when it comes to the cast list.

Film Divider is reporting that Abrams has living legend Anthony Hopkins (Thor, Silence of the Lambs) at the top of the list, along with Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood, The Wrestler) and James Marsden (X-Men, Superman Returns) to take the three major starring roles in the series.

Hopkins is apparently in talks to play Dr. Ford, the man who will run the new version of Westworld. According to the report, he’ll be playing a “character who sounds part Dr. Moreau, part Blade Runner’s Dr. Tyrell, and just a little bit like Jurassic Park’s John Hammond. And hey, let’s throw in Ed Harris’ Christof from The Truman Show for good measure and, not for the first time in Hopkins’ career, Alfred Hitchcock, too.”

Along with Hopkins, they’re also reportedly casting two key roles that will apparently be the “principal leads” in the story, via a pair of robots from the park. Those roles have apparently been offered to Wood and Marsden. According to the report, those characters will be “our heroes and our way into Westworld, at least in the early episodes. Just by virtue of one of these characters being female, you can tell how much of a departure this is from the original film.”

Wood’s Delores is reportedly “created to be a sassy farm girl; the beautiful girl next door type who has no idea that the life she’s living is a lie. She’s essentially a slave to the guests of the park but has no idea -- although this probably won’t remain the case over the course of the series, should there be a full series order.”

If he accepts, Marsden will play Teddy Flood, described as “your classic Western hero. He’s all about adventure and romance; his two pursuits in life are the open plains and, as I’m sure you guessed, the lovely Dolores Abernathy."

It sounds like Abrams’ pitch will make some changes to the sci-fi classic, but we’re still psyched to see the film get a shot at a second life at HBO. What do you think of the reported cast list?

(Via Film Divider)