Rumor of the Day: Bane is headed to Gotham for Season 5

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Aug 17, 2018, 9:45 PM EDT

The bane of Batman's existence could be returning to Gotham, and his name is... Bane. The episode titles for the upcoming final season of FOX's Gotham might just reveal the arrival of this mighty member of Batman's rogues gallery.

Now that Gotham has been officially renewed for a fifth and final season, speculation has started as to how the show will end. It's unknown how many episodes the final season will have, but according to The Wrap, recently revealed episode titles hint that Batman's classic enemy Bane (shown above as portrayed by Tom Hardy in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises) might be making a visit to Gotham this season.

Bane fans will likely find Episode 8's title, "I Am Bane," especially interesting. This seems like a pretty explicit reveal of the fact that Bane will make an appearance on the show, but also could give a clue about what exactly he might be up to. The episode title could be referencing the "I Am Bane" storyline by Tom King in the comics, in which Batman must protect those he loves from Bane within Arkham Asylum.  After all, comics have been mentioned as influences for Season 5.

Back in Season 3, Gotham paved the way for Bane to make an appearance with the creation of a virus that could essentially turn any human injected with it into their very own worst nightmare, which is redolent of the Venom super-steroid that gave Bane his immense strength in the comics. And since Batman will finally make an appearance this season, maybe Bane is exactly what Bruce Wayne needs to finally put on the suit.

The final season of Gotham will air on FOX in 2019. Do you hope Bane will show up?

(via The Wrap)