Rumor of the Day: Boba Fett movie may still be alive with Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan attached

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Dec 11, 2017

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Lucasfilm was going to make a standalone Boba Fett movie.

Actually, it wasn't that long ago; back when Disney first bought Lucasfilm and announced that the company would make Star Wars spin-off movies in addition to continuing the Skywalker saga, one of those films was rumored to be a movie centered around Boba Fett. It even allegedly had a director: Josh Trank. But it was never officially confirmed that Trank was making a movie about the enigmatic bounty hunter, and in any case he was dismissed from the project, reportedly as a result of his handling of Fantastic Four.

Little has been heard about poor Fett since, although Rogue One has come and gone and the Han Solo prequel -- Solo: A Star Wars Story -- is due out next summer. But now the folks at Omega Underground claim to have uncovered evidence that producer/writer/director Simon Kinberg -- who was attached to Trank's Boba Fett movie at one point and was part of the salvage efforts on Fantastic Four -- is reportedly working on a secret new Star Wars Anthology film, codenamed Tin Can.

The site seems to have picked up this info from what looks like a published production slate, although they were sneaky enough not to name or link back to it, which keeps this very much in the rumor category. Kinberg is listed as the film’s producer, along with Solo and The Empire Strikes Back screenwriter, Lawrence Kasdan (who was also involved with the abandoned Trank film).

And what makes them think that Tin Can is a Boba Fett movie? Well, the title could be referring to Fett's ever-present helmet, for one thing. The involvement of Kinberg and Kasdan is another clue. Plus somehow the name Tin Can doesn't quite match up with the Obi-Wan Kenobi prequel that's now in the works.

IMDB also lists Kinberg as involved with an "untitled Star Wars Anthology film," so on the surface it makes sense that it's Tin Can. Whether or not that's the Boba Fett movie remains to be seen, since right now Lucasfilm has nothing officially on its schedule past Chapter IX of the main saga in 2019.

Kinberg is currently in post-production on his directorial debut, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which arrives a little under a year from now. Do you think he'll tackle Fett: A Star Wars Story (not the official title, seeing as nothing's official) next? Are you excited at the prospect of the Boba Fett movie still being a possible reality?

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