Rumor of the Day: Captain Marvel to feature Mar-Vell, Ms. Marvel costume

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

Now that the first major reveals for Captain Marvel — that it will take place in the 1990s, feature Nick Fury, Skrulls, and the Kree-Skrull War — have hit, information about the film can't come fast enough. Fans who are never satiated with movie news, even for movies two years out, rejoice: We have some possibly minor spoilers ahead for MCU fans who might be unfamiliar with the comics.

MCUExchange, which has a solid track record as far as early rumors and reports go, says they've gotten the first new story details for Captain Marvel. The movie, starring Brie Larson as the titular hero Carol Danvers, will feature an origin story very close to that from the pages of Marvel Comics as far as how Carol became Captain Marvel, according to their report.

That means Mar-Vell, the Psyche-Magnitron, and even a Ms. Marvel costume could very well be on the way. Mar-Vell was the first Captain Marvel in the comics, a Kree warrior who came to Earth and eventually became an ally to the Avengers. Carol worked with Mar-Vell, and an alien device called the Psyche-Magnitron went off near the two of them, changing her DNA to part-Kree and giving her powers that mimicked his own (while also revealing new ones thanks to her mixed DNA). MCUExchange said we should "expect to see a version" of that accident.

The other thing they noted from early drafts of the script by Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve: the original Ms. Marvel costume. Before Carol took on the identity of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell had been deceased for some time at that point in the comics), she operated in tandem as the first Ms. Marvel, rocking her own unique costume that included the bursting star on the chest. Of course, we know she'll be in full Captain Marvel form sooner than later there, but it'd be a fun nod for longtime fans.

Finally, the mixture of alien and human DNA may help explain how Larson can play the role of Captain Marvel in the '90s, then look the same in present-day stories, as she's still expected to appear in the untitled Avengers 4. Between that altered DNA and a possible connection to Ant-Man's Quantum Realm, they should be able to do a nice comic-booky explanation for her ageless quality.

It's clear that Captain Marvel is eagerly anticipated, and Marvel Studios knows it. How much they'll be able to fit from the comics into one two-hour-or-so film is uncertain, but from this report, it seems they'll be trying for quite a bit.

Captain Marvel, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, is in preproduction now for a March 8, 2019, release.