Rumor of the day: Casting underway for major Daredevil season 2 role

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May 27, 2015

A casting call appears to be underway for one of the biggest characters in the Daredevil canon.

With Season 2 officially a go for Netflix and Marvel's frequently brilliant Daredevil series, it appears as if the show is going to introduce none other than Daredevil's love interest/ally/enemy Elektra into the cast next year.

According to Comic Book Movie, two audition tapes briefly surfaced online of actresses reading for the part, which calls for martial arts and dance experience. The recordings featured a conversation between Elektra and a potential victim, as well as one between Elektra and Matt Murdock, seemingly in their college days. Whether the scenes make it into the show or shed any light on how the series will approach the assassin and her background is unknown for now.

The tapes of both women -- who were, in keeping with the character's history, apparently very exotic-looking -- were quickly taken down a short time after they turned up, a strong indication that they could have been the real thing. If that's the case, then it's likely we'll soon meet the first screen version of Elektra since Jennifer Garner's ill-fated take on the role in 2003's Daredevil film and her own self-titled 2005 spinoff movie. 

Are you looking forward to seeing how the Daredevil series brings Elektra to life? 

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