Rumor of the Day: Del Toro to produce DC’s Justice League Dark next year

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Sep 16, 2019, 7:51 PM EDT (Updated)

Though Guillermo del Toro isn’t actively attached to direct anymore, it sounds like Warner Bros. is still pumped to move forward with its proposed Justice League Dark (aka Dark Universe) project. 

According to a report by The Tracking Board, this studio plans to start shooting the project next year. Even though he won’t be in the director’s chair, sources say del Toro is staying aboard to produce. The other major bit of news? Famed producer Scott Rudin has also signed on to shepherd the project. Rudin has had a hand in major Hollywood hits such as The Social Network, No Country for Old Men and (the upcoming) Steve Jobs.

Per the report, Rudin’s involvement has this one on the fast track, and he’s currently making updates to the script and reaching out to potential directors. There’s still no word on the exact plot, but the film will essentially serve as a dark fantasy counterpunch to Warner Bros.' mainstream Justice League film. Instead of Superman and Batman, this one will feature players such as Constantine, Deadman and Swamp Thing.

The report also notes a few tentative plot points, which point to Constantine assembling this motley crew to save the planet after an unnamed baddie gains power over an extremely powerful artifact. 

For any fans hoping Matt Ryan will bring his small-screen Constantine to Hollywood, the odds seem long. With the character making the transition over to The CW’s Arrow this season, it pretty much shoots down any chance of a crossover. Since, you know, Warner Bros. has made it very clear they have no plans to connect the two universes.

Are you glad to hear the studio is (apparently) making this project a priority? If not del Toro, who would you like to see take the reins?

(Via Tracking Board)

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