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Credit: ILMxLab/Lucasfilm

Rumor of the Day: Did Nissan just reveal the new Last Jedi droids we’re looking for?

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Nov 30, 2017, 10:25 AM EST

Watch Nissan and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay VR trailer, and you’ll see BB-8 getting a tune-up. That’s predictable. What isn’t so predictable is the band of previously unseen BB-series droids that follows him into virtual astromech surgery.

After launching into the Star Wars universe with advertising tie-ins last year, Nissan returned to the LA Auto Show with Rogues cosplaying as Poe Dameron’s X-Wing and an A-Wing, an Altima as the Special Forces TIE Fighter, and Maximas outfitted as Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren’s The Silencer. That was to be expected after the automotive empire’s Rogue really took off with Rogue One ads.

Some of its stores could now pass for a Comic-Con display with Lucasfilm-official cutouts of the droids you were looking for—and an immersive VR experience created by Lucasfilm and its in-house tech team at ILMxLab that debuted in the back room of its Auto Show and possibly gave us the biggest Last Jedi droid reveal that we’re almost sure is a reveal. Almost.


Credit: ILMxLAB/Lucasfilm

What is 84-SH? All you can find out from the trailer is that he’s a white BB-series Astromech with a cycloptic red eye, an internal orbiculate motivator and selenium drive.


Credit: ILMxLab/Lucasfilm

9RU-MP is a red BB-series with the same innards and a slightly smaller head.


Credit: ILMxLab/Lucasfilm

6L-CH is army green and white with all of the above.

The screen flashes to a cryptic “Meet new droids” teaser, but does this mean you’ll meet new droids only in the VR experience or that we're going to encounter them in The Last Jedi?


Credit: ILMxLab/Lucasfilm

After that you see the pink one above getting its guts recharged and the blue one (which is totally the color of Lando’s cape) throwing its eye in for upgrading.  

With speculation activated to dangerous levels, everyone would love to think these droids are canon, but whether they’re new to The Last Jedi or the entire Star Wars universe, which includes everything from digital altverses to cars in cosplay, remains to be seen. 

What is for sure is that the VR, compatible with HTC Vive and Samsung gear, will be available for free download starting December 6, so you can do your part for the Resistance soon.

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