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Rumor of the Day: Donald Glover could be Black Panther 2's villain

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

While Donald Glover is on a tear across the media landscape after debuting a hit music video, a stellar second season of his FX show Atlanta, a wicked Saturday Night Live performance, and a Star Wars scene-stealer in Solo, there seem few worlds left to conquer for the versatile multi-hyphenate. But what about Wakanda?

According to a source cited by, as director Ryan Coogler prepares for the follow-up to his smash hit Black Panther, he’s contemplating adding Glover to the greater MCU after the actor appeared briefly in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but it certainly seems to be in the zeitgeist.

Marvel villains already got a huge boost thanks to the philosophical rivalry posed by Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger from the first film and now there are apparently “informal talks” with Glover for a new character that could be opposing Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther. While Killmonger died in the first film, that’s never stopped comic book characters before - the rumor continues that Jordan is also in talks to return.

“They’re still yet to decide if Michael B. Jordan will return in some capacity but if he doesn’t it’s likely Gambino may play some kind of villain,” the source said, calling Glover by his stage name, Childish Gambino.

Killmonger returning from the dead isn’t that far-fetched, since it does happen in the comics (he's resurrected by the Mandarin, who in the MCU is a fake villain and actually a front for Aldrich Killian, but also kind of real), but even if that particular storyline isn’t mined, a new villain from Glover would be an intense continuation of the series’ stellar casting process.