Skeletor and He-Man
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Rumor of the Day: He-Man and Skeletor are brothers in new film

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May 2, 2018, 9:37 AM EDT

He-Man’s return to the big screen has been a long time coming. Like... over a decade in production. That’s plenty of time for things to get written, rewritten, and revamped for a fresh start to the Masters of the Universe universe. Now, there’re rumors floating around that one of these new components to the reboot is the relationship between He-Man and his archnemesis Skeletor.

According to That Hashtag Show (whose video you can watch below), Eternia’s greatest hero and most sinister villain are written as brothers in David Goyer’s script.

That’s right, rewriting King Randor’s family history so that Castle Grayskull’s Keldor isn’t Adam’s uncle, as he is in the original ‘80s series, this movie will say that Randor had two children: the older Keldor and the younger Adam. Keldor still falls from grace while Adam becomes He-Man, but now the former isn’t just a traitor — he’s the rightful heir to the throne.

Aside from this, the rest of the action figure crew seem to be present in both brothers’ armies, though their presence was never in doubt. The warrior Teela, her dad Man-At-Arms, the half-bird Stratos, wizard Orko, and Minister of Technology Zodak face off against sorceress Evil Lyn, Trap Jaw, and a reimagined shapeshifting Beastman. Not too crazy as far as departures go.

What’s more troubling to fans is that the reboot has been gestating for 10 years, with Hollywood still seemingly stinging after the 1987 adaptation crashed and burned. Perhaps this familial juggle is the first of many details that will make the story feel even more dramatic and muscular.