Rumor of the day: Here's what's really up with Luke Skywalker in Star Wars VII

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Nov 6, 2014

Now that we know the official title of the next Star Wars film, it's time to turn our attention back to the plot. There have been a ton of rumors about exactly what role the original cast will play in J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and a new report claims to finally know how Luke Skywalker fits into it all.

Obviously, potential MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Star Wars: Episode VII!

There have been rumblings for a while now that Luke (Mark Hamill) might turn to the dark side of the Force to help kick off the events of the new trilogy and beyond, but according to, it’s all a bit more complicated than that.

Basically, It sounds like Luke has tapped into a whole lot of the Force in the wake of the original trilogy, and at this point in the future, he's the most powerful Jedi around. He’s almost to the point of being a “wizard,” but he worries that his immense power could be used for evil/corrupted/etc. He also can’t entirely control it and is going a bit crazy. So he exiles himself — until a new threat to the galaxy pulls him out of retirement.

We’ve excerpted the applicable notes from the full report below, which allegedly come from someone close to the production. Take them with a grain of salt, but hey, they make enough sense at face value:

I’m told that in the back story for the film, Luke Skywalker does something amazing with the Force. He’s really powerful, more of “wizard than lightsaber wielding warrior.” Basically, Luke Skywalker has a “Force Unleashed” moment and realizes he might be bad for the universe.The aftermath of that event is difficult for Luke.

Luke Skywalker has become the most powerful Jedi ever, but he doesn’t believe he’s the wisest. He doesn’t want to make the mistake his father made by thinking he knows what’s right for the universe. Skywalker becomes somewhat deranged in his seclusion. He is consumed by his fear that if he should return to “society” his power could be misused, he could be manipulated, and he may accidentally hurt the one’s he loves.

For these reasons, to protect the galaxy and himself, Luke retreats into self-imposed exile for many years. I’m told he can’t always control the power. While he sits in a meditative state, he levitates things unconsciously and he’s not always in complete control and he’s never sure if he’s doing the will of the Force or acting on his own passions. Luke is seeing the past, the present, the future, “old friends long gone” and other things that prey upon his sanity.

Luke Skywalker is described as “creepy and frightening in appearance” because you supposedly can see “the fire in his eyes” behind his grizzled appearance during some scenes.

For most of Luke’s appearance in Star Wars: Episode VII, it is questionable if his madness will result in evil. Not even those that have known him for most of his life know if he’s sane or not. However, the villain and the new hero both draw Skywalker out and he’s forced to intervene in the galactic conflict. The imbalance he feared bringing back to the galaxy is set into motion by the new evil. But it is not only evil that brings Luke Skywalker out of exile. The good in the universe does as well when one of the heroes convinces him the place he is in is not where he belongs.

By the last act of the film, it is clear where Luke falls on spectrum of good and evil.

This could make for an interesting way to pull Luke into the fold while making way for a younger cast to do some of the heavy lifting going forward. It’s also a unique arc for Luke, which could (hopefully) keep things moving.

What do you think? Do you hope this is true?


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